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Gibbs Quadski building dealer network for amphibious ATV

The Gibbs Quadski amphibious ATV will go on sale in the United States next month with a price tag around $40,000 per unit.
October 17, 2012

AUBURN HILLS, Mich - The Gibbs Quadski amphibious ATV will go on sale in the United States next month with a price tag around $40,000 per unit.

Billed as “the world's first high-speed sports amphibian,” the vehicle weighs 1,300 lbs., is equipped with a 175-hp BMW Motorrad engine and transmission and a 15-gallon fuel tank, and will be available in five colors – red, yellow, blue, silver and black.

The manufacturer says Quadski is capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph on both land and water and transitions between them in five seconds or less. With the press of a button, its wheels retract when entering the water and deploy when approaching land.

The company plans to build a network of more than 20 dealerships over the next year, primarily in the Midwest, New York, Texas and the southeastern United States. Suggested retail pricing and details about Gibbs' dealer network will be announced prior to public introduction in mid-November.

Designed to meet state and federal safety requirements, the Quadski is 10.5 feet in overall length; 5.2 feet in width, and 4.3 feet in height with a wheelbase of 5.8 feet. It initially will be offered for solo rider use only.

The vehicles will be produced at a 54,000 sq. ft. assembly plant in Auburn Hills, Mich., where the company plans to add 200 manufacturing jobs to the 100 it employees it has now. At maximum capacity, the plant will be capable of producing 20 units per hour.

Founder Alan Gibbs chairman and Neil Jenkins have more than 300 patents and patents pending on the high-speed amphibian (HSA) technology for consumer, commercial and first-responder use.

"Although Quadski initially will be available for sale only in the U.S., we expect to find a ready market for it in Europe, Latin America and elsewhere around the world in 2014 and beyond," Gibbs said.

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